Whats the fastest cd-rw on the market?

hi all,

im new to the forum (will go over and do an intro shortly)

i just thought id pop a quick question in first…

as titled im looking for the fastest cd-rw on the market and how much they are each or for 10’s

at the moment all i can find is 32x, surely there must be faster?

im sure someone out there can shed some light…



32x AFAIK is the fastest you’ll find. In any case, no burner that I know of will burn them faster even if there were faster CD-RW discs around. :wink:

I use the Verbatim ones in boxes of 10 but it’s been awhile since I bought them and can’t remember the price. Not knowing where you’re located, giving you a price would be difficult anyway. :wink:

Ooooops, welcome to the forum hehe :smiley: