Whats the easyst way to get started

well u can call me a newbie
i need help to getting started, well i get confuse with what i start with , a decoder, a transcoter or a profram like no1 dvd ripper, thers so much lol is hard to understand
enyone knows the correct way to copy a dvd put it in a harddisck and then shrinked to be able to copy it to a cd
who ever helps me , trust me i could help you in the future in some way

First you need to give more info like what type computer system you have.
Second are you really wanting to convert it from DVD to some type of file that will go on a cd or do you have a dvd burner and want to shrink it to fit on one dvd?

Go to http://www.videohelp.com

If you want to compress a DVD to fit a CD look for DivX format, for instance.

It all depends on what you want to do exactly. if you want to copy dvd movies, then you’ll need no more than two software programs on your computer and a dvd-reader.
I have been using software from slysoft for a while w/ no complaints or problems. There are hundreds of different utilities from many many software writers, personally I stick w/ slysoft.

As agomes said, videohelp.com is a great site.