Whats the different between Taiwan/Singapore Verbatim

Is there any difference in them, or which ones better?

MIS Verbatim tends to be more consistent than their MIT and MII stuff. It’s rare to find MIS single layer Verbs now because they stopped producing them in their Singapore plant a while back.

well luckely they still sell MIS here:


Crappy price and who knows what you will get but let us know if you order any.

Actually, that photo’s probably been there since they started carrying the Verb 8x DVD-R inkjet printables. I don’t think you should base your purchasing decision on it.

Crappy price… :expressionless:

I’d def pay 27 bucks for 100 8x -R verbatims. Even if I had to pay in American dollar.

I think as tropic has said, the picture may have been there since the discs were first released. But MCC02RG20 has been a great media for me. I’d buy it regardless of if it’s made by CMC, Prodisc or MIS.

Most likely it will be MCC02RG20 made by CMC, which isn’t bad at all. The CMC-made ones seem to be more similar in spec to the Singapore discs (I’ve compared them) than are the Prodisc-made ones. I haven’t seen enough scans of the MBIL-made ones to comment on thosel

which country are the CMC ones made in? quality same as Tai ones?

CMC manufactures DVD media in Taiwan.

are these as good as the MCC-003 or prodisc ones?

MCC02RG20 made by CMC is better than MCC02RG20 made by Prodisc in my experience. MCC003 by Prodisc is better than both if you’re just going by home scans, but for real world use any of them will work just fine.

I miss read it. I thought it was for one 50 pk. :doh:

lol yeah. Well I just ordered them. Can’t wait till I can get back to burning Dvd’s.

Let us know how you like them.

I agree 100% with tropic on this never buy just for what you see in a picutre just
like Meritline shows a picutre of 8x MIS Verbs but when you get them they are MIT
instead. I bought 300 of them hopping to get the MIS ones but they were all MIT
but they are still good. :wink:

MCC02RG20 MIT Printable are very good DVD’s, I just purchased 2x50 about a month ago.

They burn very well and they play in all my DVD players and are hub printable, what more can you ask for!!

what about the ink dry time?