Whats the difference?

Well Ive done a search but cant seem to find an answer to this question.

What is the difference between the MKTFLASH (dos update) and the Windows flash proggy.

Does it make any difference which flash tool I use. As it seems the windows one is far more simple that the MKTFLASH option as outlined in the above sticky.

Im just toying with updating my 24102b to the latest version and want the most simple foolproof option. Hmm maybe im lazy…lol


Any help with this would be appreciated

If you just want to upgrade your current firmware to the latest version available, you can just download it from liteon and install with the windows-proggy. But if you want to downgrade your firmware or in case you have problems for any reason, you should give mtkflash a try.

Cheers mate for the promt answer it is appreciated. Things are more clear now :smiley: