Whats the difference?

Can someone please tell me the difference between the W and S version of the LTR-40125 cdr.


Never heard about any W-version. But the last character says what chipset is used in the drive.
W would be a never version.
But still I’ve never herd of any W…

Don’t know if there is any difference at all. Maybe a newer hardware revision?

Haven’t heared about it either.

when i downloaded the laterst firmware it stated that there were 2 models.

On Lite-On’s firmware page there is only one model, the LTR40125S.
Where did you download from exactly? :stuck_out_tongue:



8X/4X/32X E-IDE CD-RW, VAS mechanism


12X/10X/32X E-IDE CD-RW, BURN-Proof®, VAS mechanism

12X/10X/32X E-IDE CD-RW, Buffer Under Run Free, VAS mechanism

16X/10X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, BURN-Proof®, VAS mechanism

16X/10X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, VAS mechanism

24X/10X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

24X/10X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

32X/12X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

32X/12X/40X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

40X/12X/48X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

40X/12X/48X E-IDE CD-RW, SMART-BURN®, SMART-X, VAS mechanism

the firmware update is for both models.

Okay, so W is a very very very new version since nobody here has it yet… :slight_smile:

Liteon just posted the LTR-40125W on there site a couple of days ago. I want to know what knid of changes they made, too.

So is it a firmware difference or chipset difference?

Don’t tell me one can do SD2.6 the other cannot :slight_smile:

I noticed there is new 32123W model AND new 40125W model on Lite-on website. Product description for *S & *W models link to same webpage.

I am about to replace defective 24103s drive (defective before firmware “upgrade”) with a new faster model and wonder if it is worth waiting for new W models ?

I ordered 24102B (and luckily received 24103S which was upgradeable to 32123S free :slight_smile: so got more “bang for my $'s”

Maybe could buy 32123W and firmware “upgrade” to 40125W ???

Anybody know differences - maybe Mt Rainier or P-CAV ? I read in a review somewhere original spec of 40125S said it was P-CAV :confused:

Rumours will have it to that the W models ships as a P-CAV drive ad the S model as a Zone CLV drive.

the 32X will most likely not be upgradable to a 40X.

what is P-cav and is it better??

Partial-CAV example.

Zone-CLV example.

Overall P-CAV will give faster writespeed.

For info on P-CAV and new firmware see this link:


which suggests new ZS0D firmware for “old” 40125S provides support for P-CAV (latest on Liteon site is still ZS0A)

I believe P-CAV is Yamaha technology and is faster / better than Zone-CLV technology ?

So maybe 40125W does support P-CAV with the newer f/w and maybe f/w will also be released for 40125S ?

24103S and 32103S used same chipset and 24103S was upgradable to 32103S but 24102B used same chipset too I think and WASN’T upgradable. So last 2 digits appear NOT to be chipset related just different hardware build ?

But maybe that tells us nothing ! :confused:

I have a 32123s updated to 40125s. My friend has a 32123w and I was wondering, will the 40125s update work on his drive? Has anyone tried it already?

Read here , here and here .

And the 32125W can go all the way to 48x, so yes.

Why did you drag this old topic up? This was pre-moderator age for me! :wink:

Sorry, my friend told me that his drive is an LTR-32123W… I was just wondering if its true that such a drive really exists… and if there’s support for flashing it.