Whats the difference

hi can someone help please??:confused:
i’m looking to buy 2 new dvd burners [nothing too expensive]

  1. what is the difference between between AD-7240S-0B, AD-7241S-0B, and AD-7260S-0B series and DRU870S
  2. which one is better out of the box
  3. which is the newer model ad or dru

right now the dru870s retail box is in the 60-70$ range but on special at ncix.com for $26.99 retail box smack i can get 2 4 1
the AD-7240S-0B, AD-7241S-0B, and AD-7260S-0B are $29.99 each if the ad series is better what model should i get.

if theres something better in the 30-40$ range {each} what do you recommend. on newegg theres an asus with 500 reviews @ 423 excellent reviews thats 84% !!!

let me know!!! thanks in advance for anyones help!!!:bow:

TBH I don’t think it matters that much nowdays since CD/DVD is slowly being less used. Back when I checked around 2 years ago NEC/Sony/Optiarc drives were horrible when read errors occurred.

All of them are 24x burners, and the only difference is that the 7241S has lightscribe, if you believe that you need that you will get this drive, and the newest drive is the 7260, but it should be exactly the same as the 7240.

thanks so this means that the dru870 is older than 7260 if yes by how long

also is there anything better than th 7260

possibly this may be better than the sony ??? ASUS DRW-24B1LT

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sorry but i’m new to this sight and i find it should be simplified. do ask me on how to simplify it but one example on a site i used quite often a while back was the asus site.