Whats the difference?

im just curious as to what the difference is between a dvd ntsc high quality (HQ 60/108 min. at dvd/dl dvd disc), dvd ntsc good quality (GQ 90/162 min. at 1 dvd/dl dvd disc), dvd ntsc standard play (SP 120/217 min. at 1 dvd/dl dvd disc), and dvd ntsc long play (LP 240/434 min. at 1 dvd/dl disc)? im converting AVI movie files to dvd format using AVS video converter and i know im supposed to put the profile into NTSC format but idk what the difference between each NTSC is. please help

The difference between these is the compression level that will be applied, a bit like the play modes on a set-top DVD recorder or VCR. For example, the DVD High quality applies the least amount of compression. Lower compression gives better picture quality, but with the drawback of giving less recording time. Higher compression gives more recording time, but at the cost of picture quality.

The best one to choose is the one that is nearest your AVI length (in minutes) without going under. For example, if your AVI is 70 minutes, choose the “Good Quality 90 minute” profile.

The DVD DL time refers to Dual-layer (8.5GB) discs, which provide nearly double the recording capacity over regular recordable DVDs.

ok i get it, thats what i needed to know. thank you. but what happens if you choose the format thats not as long as your movie, for example, what if the avi file is 1 hr 30 mins long and u choose the ntsc format thats only 120 mins and its not a dual layer disc?

In that case it simply wouldn’t fill the disc, which is fine.

lol i kinda thought thats what would happen. whats the best name brand for a dvd -r or dvd -r DL disc to use? and say a movie that i wanna put onto a disc is 3 hours long or longer. a dvd -r disc can only hold 120 mins right? so do i burn the first 2 hours on one disc and then the last hour on a second disc if i dont have a dvd -r DL disc?

For DL Disc Verbatim would be my only recommendation

ok. does that go for the regular dvd -r disc too?


Unless you want the very best which is Taiyo Yuden ( can only get from online ordering )

You can put more than 120min on a -R or +R disc, it will just become compressed and usually loose quality, unless the original was already sub par quality.

Most people use -R or +R because they can be had for as little as 10-20 cents each. While a good price for +RDL discs are closer to $1 each. DL discs are best bough in 25 disc spindes and +R/-R are best in 100pk spindles.

As bean already said, Verbatim is best for DL discs, for regular discs just about any brand will work but verbatim are a safe way to go. One burner can be excellent with one disc while another burner will make a horrible quality burn. Learning how to scan a disc and check the error rate with ‘Nero CD Speed’ (free) is an important step in backing up data or whatever.

if i dont want to lose quality on a disc though, what do i do then, without buying dual layer discs that is?

If this is a home movie, you can edit the avi file to shorten it, then save it as two pieces. If its a movie that is high quality then just use a DL disc.

There are a lot of people that are still very loyal to Taiyo Yuden discs, but that was back in the day when quality varied. Now we have discs that do equally well or even better than TY, burners have improved as well as discs.