Whats the difference?



After lurking around here for awhile. I decided to buy a External USB 2.0 NEC 3520A because my laptop only had the stock CD-RW/DVD-Rom…

Anyways, I ordered it brand new off of ebay through a ebay store who was selling tons of them Brand New. I received it today and when I plugged it in it said “NEC 3540A.”

Is the 3540 a 3520 with a firmware update? If so I assume the guy is flashing all of them before he ships them??

Or is the 3540 a totally new drive? If so he sent me a newer version?

Is the 3540 better than the 3520?

What is the difference between the two?Speeds?Formats?



Check the sticker on the drive… it says there which drive it is. But since there is no known way to flash a 3520 with a firmware of 3540 (and still have a workable drive) I guess it’s a real 3540.

EDIT: But only the sticker on the drive will tell you if it’s really a 3540.


Thanks, I opened it up and checked the sticker and it says it is a 3540A.

I read a few reviews on it and it sounds like a good drive. I backed up 3 of my movies with it so far and all came out good.


hmm. NEC 3540 is not officially out in the US yet…


Zevia: Hehe… I also found that a bit strange. You envy him ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Dell Dude posted that the 3530 and 3540 were being shipped at Dell.
I have a 3530 and some have received 3540s as replacements! Will update you guys tommorrow on my replacement.


I was wondering where do those ebayer got their stuff… :slight_smile:
clownman: the ebay seller name starts with megaxxxxx? If yes, he also claims with 1 year warranty. hmm… Does it have a serial number?


I can imagine OEMs drive being shipped to big PC manufacturer like Dell, but don’t know how this ebayer dude get his stuff.


Well its $93 including shipping, I guess thats an alright price for an external drive. funny though the seller doesn’t know what he has. Maybe it fell off the boat :slight_smile:


Interesting… =) here Nec 3540 is the cheapest drive available along with 3520 leftovers. =)


zevia: No the guys name isnt megaXXXX. I saw there stuff on there and almost went with them but I went for another guy.

I went through this guy and thought I was getting a 3520 until I received it today. Im not going to complain cause its a newer drive. As soon as I installed it it said 3540 and then when I took apart the external case as recommended by you guys the sticker said 3540A.

I can post the guys ebay store name as long as it is o.k to do here on the forums!!. I will give you guys a hint though he is one of the major guys on ebay selling DVD-RW’s with dual layer. (toshiba, NEC and I think a few pioneer) After I sent my payment I saw his name and it is definately of a asian background so that might give us a hint of where he gets his stuff…

Now you guys got me wondering. I thought maybe he goofed because the external case hides all the info and he shipped it to me in the external case box.

eric93se: Did you get one too fromt eh same guy? Thats the same price I payed for mine?


Here is the info of of the tag:
Made in Malaysia
Serial: 5505R805111
Manufactured: May 2005

If a moderator gives me permission I will post his ebay user name or a link. I dont want to violate any forum rules…


nice he prolly got it from a dell or lives somewhere in europe