Whats the difference of a Lite-On 48126S and a 48125W?

Today i received my new Lite-On burner…and when i opend the package i saw it’s a new model named: LTR-48126S
On the Lite-On site i only can find firmware updates for te 48125W, and if i look on the product specs they both have the same specs…
Is there REALLY no difference in both drives?
Why do they have almost always 2 models?
Someone who can tell me?:confused:

Your drive might be upgradeable to 48246S, the 48125W isn’t.

Your drive might be upgradeable to 48246S, the 48125W isn’t.

Hey, Alex, do we know this for sure? The way things have been going here lately with flashing, all things are possible. Lets get some of these firmwares and start trying!
So, your answer might be…not yet.

MaxPayne II, where did you buy that Liteon? I was going to buy a TDK 48x but if I can get a Liteon with the #6 mediatek chipset, I think I would go for that.

Perhaps he would be good enough to extract a bin copy of the FW of his LTR-48126S & pass it to one of the mods here?

Send it to me. So I can put the firmware on the webbpage.

Go to this adress for more info. And how to read out that nice firmware of yours… =)


And e-mail: minirivazone@hotmail.com

And ofcorse read more here at cdfreaks forum.



(One more thing… I will fix the firmwares tonight. I hade very litle time yesterday because of server service. )