What's the Difference In This Media?

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R at supermediastore.com

3rd one down is cheaper than 2nd one down, but the 3rd one has sleeves and the 2nd one doesn’t so something doesn’t seem right. Is there any other difference?

It’s the same SKU/product. I have no idea why the bundle with the sleeves would cost less than the one without them, but that’s how it’s priced, so go for it.

heres an even better deal (posted by someone else)

Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R (Value Line) Silver Thermal $60 TYG02


those are imperfects

i’ve heard some are just fine, but other people have gotten entire spindles of coasters. and obviously you have no idea what you’re getting till you buy them

Ya, I’d rather stay with the premiums. They’re not that much more than the valueline and burning a coaster wastes some money and time so the premiums probably pay for themselves.