What's the difference in pioneer dvr-104 & A04?



When I check the pioneer web site for the spec, 104 & A04 look the same. Anyone know what’s the difference:)


Check http://www.cds.com/DVD/AO4.pdf and http://www.puterz.co.uk/dvdrspecs.html :

Also the DVR-104 has a new function called Active Fan. This function stops the fan when no heat is sensed and then restarts the fan when heat is re-sensed.

10mm Shorter.
The DVR-104 drive has been designed 10mm shorter than our previous drives.
This makes it even easier to install the drive in the PC and also even easier to cable the drive upon installation.

6X (CAV) DVD-ROM Read Speed.
The DVR-104 drive has a higher rotational speed than the DVR-A03 for reading DVD-ROMs.
Because of this higher rotational speed the drive is able to read DVD-ROM’s at 6X. (The DVR-A03 was 4X)



Hm. The original question was related to the difference between -104 and -A04.

I read somewhere that it has to do with being OEM or not. Or something to do with sales region.


Not sure but i guess they are the same.
At this link http://www.puterz.co.uk/dvdrspecs.html it seems the “104” and “A04” is used in the same description.


the dvr 104 don’t have the word pioneer
anywhere on it. NO name on front or top label
It has a sticker saying warrenty by PRINCO
but device manager calls it
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-104
and it works just great!

PS the liteon 163 dvd rom
has no problems reading DVD-rw produced on this machine!


They are functionally identical. I’ve even seen modified flash utilities to flash the firmware on the 104 with the A04 version. You get a retail box with media and software with the A04. The 104 being OEM is usually in a plain brown box and may or may not have a piece of media with some software included. I’m usually quite anal about ordering the retail version of products but a friend accidentally ordered two 104’s (don’t ask) and I went ahead and bought one off of him to save him the shipping and restock fees. I am quite happy with the OEM 104 and don’t regret saving the $75 in price difference. My 104 in fact does say pioneer in several places on the top label and includes the japanese address for pioneer as well. I suspect that since they are oem they may come in various cosmetic flavours, but should be all the same mechanism inside.



I wonder, whether this has ever been answered.

DVR-A04 = external.
DVR-104 = internal.
DVR-R04 = for DVD recorders.