Whats the difference between

… these 3 granit-bay-mainboards (exactly):

  • Asus P4G8X

  • MSI GNB MAX Granite Bay

  • Gigabyte GA-8INXP

thank you for answers

To be honest, I don’t know…

But I do know you could do a little research yourself. As the chipsets are the same, the main functions will be the same as well. The difference will be in the additional features, as USB2.0, Firewire etc etc
Things like this can be found on the website of the mainboards producer. Easy like that :wink:

Performance? I guess it’s the same as with all Intel-chipset based mainboards: the performance is about equal with every board. Sometimes it’s a little lower, but then I am talking about boards from very unknown little brands…

I’m planning on getting the Gigabyte when it comes out to replace my P4S8X. It’s got IDE RIAD, but Gigabyte says it can be used for ATAPI devices too so I can have all my drives on their own channel (or maybe add more devices :slight_smile: )