What's the difference between these 2 BD-R


From Babel Fish Translation: Postscript type blue ray disk 50GB 2 time fast corresponding printer bull wide 5 LM-BR50DW5 for the Panasonic data

US$38.35 or 3777 yen for pack of 5, (50 GB BD-R DL)


From Babel Fish Translation: Panasonic blue ray disk (the cartridge it is not type,) 50GB (single sided 2 layer disk) single item LM-BR50AW

US$42.86 or 4221 yen for pack of 5, (50 GB BD-R DL)

If the above link doesn’t work, which is in a different language, please go to:


type in blu-ray 50GB

I am asking about Item 2, Panasonic 50GB 1 to 2X, BD-R DL (the purple color font in silver background) part no. LM-BR50DW5


item 21,

Panasonic 50GB 1 to 2X, BD-R DL (the gold color font in blue background), part no. LM-BR50AW

The first one is white top and the old discontinued packaging, and the second has color tops and the newer packaging.

They don’t ship those outside Japan btw.

Oh, I won’t worry about that. Amazon.co.jp price is so high, I won’t buy it from them even if they do ship outside Japan.

I buy my BD-R from Rakuten.co.jp, who deals w/ international buyers, and they link their internal search engine to over 250 Million japanese products, including BD-R disk.



For SOny 50GB Bd-R pack of 5, it’s only US$36.16, I need a lot of them, but for now, because it’s only 2X, I’ll just buy 10, I don’t have the time to wait 1.5 hr. for a burn.

thx for the info on the panasonic, I decide to go w/ sony in the end

That’s interesting about rakuten shipping intl’y I didn’t know that. You did see this though right?

Under Fees:
“Handling Charge JPY 3,500 per order (up to 5 items per order)”

Ouch… Still for large orders you can maybe get decent prices.

It’s still much cheaper than all the other places I found on the internet. As I notice a lot of shops in Japan c/w free shipping w/i Japan on any reasonable order.

So for some1 like me who ordered a no. of items, Rakuten is doing some work for me putting all the items together and ship it to me. i.e., their only income is the handling fee of approx. $35 for 5 items, = $7 per item. It’s a service fee well worth the money saved on digging out cheaply priced items.

But what I gained is the option to dig out the cheapest price from their massive list of dealers. For e.g., for that Pioneer Blu Ray drive that currently going at ebay for $530+shipping, Rakuten can get that for me at $359