What's the difference between PlexTools Pro and XL?

Before my asking this question, I do search all this Plextor Forum, but just
got broken pieces of information. Does anyone get the complete info from Plextor official ?

Did you read the infos on Plextools webpage?


Regards, :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info.
I thought I could get everything I need just from this forum.
I think I’m too relying on this forum. It’s my bad habbit.

One question,

Does the XL 3.00 contains the below feature found in PlexTools Pro 2.21 ?
. Performance on nForce M/B systems

Good question… maybe not, since PlexTools 2.21 was released after version 3.00 of XL. However, the XL version has been completely rewritten, so it could be also that nForce performance does need to be “improved” in that case.
Moreover, the description “Performance on nForce M/B systems” is not exactly explicit, is it? :wink:



The update PlexTools Pro XL 3.01 has the fix for nForce system now,
See link http://www.plextools.com/info/versions.asp#g1
. performance fix on nForce systems