What's the DIFFERENCE between here and there?

The grass is greener on the other side?
You never know until you go?
Beyond the black stump …
It all depends on you frame of reference.

So what is the difference between here and there anyway?


I think that it should be a point of reference when discussing here and there…or hither, thither, to and fro…

Yoo hoo, Mr. debro, I think I know…I can prove it with mathematics…just let me get my shoes off…carry the naught…Yup I was right, You Can’t Get There From Here…
Any more tough math questions while my toes are warmed up…ya"all?

tis easy its the letter T There

You should have added the same as the between there and here.


The difference is seemingly so small, and yet it’s insurmountable.

I’m always “here” but never “there”.

I can turn “there” into “here” and “here” into “there” by simply going from “here” to “there”, but I can never reach “there” because it instantly changes itself into “here” when I try to reach it.

No matter how hard I try I can never leave “here” and I can never reach “there”.

I’ve just come back from “there” (Spain) and I’m “here” (England) and it’s bloody freezing here so I’ve voted it’s warmer there. :frowning:

how about nothing…i no its a bad answer