What's the difference between Encore and Premiere

I just bought myself a Benq 1620 dual layer DVD burner and want to learn how to edit and make high quaility DVD (home) movies.

I know I need high end software to do this.

Adobe has 2 products I’m interested in; Premiere and Encore. What are the key differences between these two products? Would I need both to make a professional looking DVD?

Can I only edit using Premiere? and only author using Encore? Is that the difference? How much cross-over is there between the two, if any.

Please eduacate this poor newbie.

I have Adobe Encore and it is more for authoring a dvd. I like Ulead Video Studio for editing. You can d/l a trial version from the Ulead website.

Premiere has the ability to output a DVD, but no menus. So it’s basically just for editing. Encore is what you would use to add menus. You could also use NeroVision for the authoring, although it’s not as versatile (it is easier to learn though). Encore cannot do any kind of editing.

Just an FYI… Premiere can only edit DV and AVI format video files. No problem is you’re using a DV videocamera. But there are some extra steps you’d have to take to edit stuff like analog captures…


Forget all high-end. Just means more moolah. Try Mpeg2vcr for editing. Tmpgenc for conversions and Dvd Lab pro for authoring(making) the Dvd. Other stuff will probably do the job, but “these” are all Value for money deals which do the “Job” excellently.

Hope this helps.


Also if you do not want too much high-end stuff on your DVD then DVDLab standard is the way to go. All the above(inc.Tmpgenc Plus have 15/30 day eval versions available)

Hope this helps.