Whats the difference between dvd-r and dvd+r

i’m new to dvd recording and i’d like to know the difference between dvd-+r, and which is better

Actually, we have some very nice articles about this on our frontpage!

I think that by reading them, you know all you should or want to know about -R and +R and their differences…

The DVD format war - Should you go plus or minus?
Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)
The DVD format war - Current standings

Hope this helps! Otherwhise, feel free to ask!

First of all, use the search-function, this question has been asked before :slight_smile:

Further there are some nice articles on the mainpage about this issue:

Hope this helps a bit.


Damn you, Dee-ehn :wink:

All the above links are dead. How can I find the original articles?

Then read the following:


Do you really think this question has been ask before?
newbie’s always want the answer to this one just have to remember we were all newbie’s at one time. We should also tell people to go to google or yahoo and search something like this and they will find the answer. Searching on them makes me look smart to people who cannot find answers.

Samlar, did you see the date on dansmug’s post? :bigsmile:

No look next time