Whats the difference between cdr and cdrw

Hi, :confused:

I need to backup my documents folder with photo music and misc word documents
I use nero express oem its nero light ( really light !) not the nero express rom from 6.6
So my question is , If I have a checkmark in the multi-session square in my nero cd burning software can I keep using the same cdr or dvdr disc over and over for years
Untill it has 700 mb …or 4.7 gig of data on it in the case of dvd r

Or do I have to use a new cd-r or dvd- r each time I need to add new files to my folders, new photos,or music cd’s to media player playlist
( any new content of data since the last backup)

I need to backup those new files to a stay current with the updates in order to protect against a hardrive failure. But hate to waste cd-r’s or dvd-r’s like that :bow:

You can use Multi-session on a “r” type disc, as long as you don’t finialize it. I’ve tried it before and most of the time, the previous filetable (where the information about the files are stored) get’s overwritten and makes the older information stored in-accessable. Your best bet it to get a “rw” media, they are re-writable and you use Nero’s In-CD or roxio’s (can’t remember the name) programs. They allow you to treat a rw type disc as if it were a floppy drive. It also works with DVD’s as well. By far the best way to go if you want to slowly fill up a disc.

You can use a cd-r to do multisession burns. On the 1st burn check “start multi-session” on the next burn/s check “continue multi-session”
“ChiefNuts” point of using re-writable is a good idea. I use cd/dvd rw for some of my back-ups because it allows me to erase a file and replace it with a newer one etc. If you want permanent storage I would go with cd/dvd r because it can’t be accidently erased.

I agree use cdrs. I learned years ago never burn anything to cdrw disk that you are not ready to loose. I have never lost anything on cdrs when I burned it correctly but have on a few cdrws. Just make sure you check the contunue the
multi-sesson each time you burn to it. I would also make two copies even on cdrs since they do not cost that much and you never know you could have a power failure or other problem durning the burn.
I only use cdrw and dvdrws for testing since doing that helps save disk when you have a problem such as a movie that you cannot seem to get to play.

someone is going to say they never have problems with cdrws or dvd-rws so let me say right now that I have not in a long time now but I also have burn many disk over the years and I still would never trust them with data I did not want to loose.

Okay, I agree in general, safety first.

I do a Ghost (image) backup every week of my C:\ partition. For the last 7-8 months I have been using quality DVD+RW media without any data loss sofar.
In a few accasions I also had to restore my C:…

Not to mention the money you save when using a rewriteable media… :wink:

My 2 oere (2 cent)

I have a 80gig drive along with the 200 gig so if I want to back up the hardrive I would back it up to the 80gig since I do not have much on it. But I agree backing up to dvd-rws would be what I would do if I was backing up to disk but I would have two sets so I could switch them each time. That way if I was to loose a backup because of a disk I could always go back to the backup before. I lost my wifes class reunion pictures on my hardive and I had not backed them up to a disk and you know what trouble I got into over that. So now I have all my pictures backed up to both hardrives and to a DVD-rom disk. I use a pioneer 109 to burn dvds now but I kelp my lg4040 drive becuase it burns to DVD-roms for that reason. Her pictures are now on a disk in the firesafe but I stll here about the ones I lost every so often.

Thank You all very much , I know so much more about burning discs now thanks to all of you , its very much appreciated …