Whats the difference between Authoring

Whats the difference between Authoring DVDs and General purpose. Can I still backup a movie on a general purpose???

AFAIK it’s just the top’s that are different. I think Authoring ones are inkjet printable while gerneral purpose are not.

Technically, it’s supposed to refer to THESE 3.9 and 4.7GB discs that are only compatable with the Pioneer professional burners.
But I see many sellers calling most any media “authoring quality” as a designation for better media.

Different wavelength when recording. They are completely different recording formats. Authoring DVD are more toward professional uses. Suppose to be replacing master digital tape studios using when produce the dvd/vhs. Authoring DVD does have some portion that stores property of discs which is not there in DVD-R General purpse. I believe the DVD screener are produced with DVD authoring as well. Original DVD authoring is like 3.8GB, newer version is 4.7gb. Also, CSS writing is possible only on DVD authoring. (That area on general purpose is not writable.)

General purpose can be used for video as well. Both discs should be able to play on set-top.

Ya, what they said! :smiley: