What's the difference between 106a, 106b and 106d


I’ve just received Pioneer DVR-106a and I’m wondering what’s the difference between this drive and DVR-106B/DVR-106D? My friends have 106D but I received 106A as I told. Which one is better?

Another question, my friends 106D has worked great with original firmware but should I update it since this drive is 106A?

Thanks in advance!

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Get the driver here:


Information is here:

Update Information
DVR-A06/106/106D Firmware Update Information
Version: 1.08
Posted 11/6/2004
The disc SetUp process has been improved
With the previous firmware, some PCs can take a longer time after Power ON to load and to start an application.
Firmware 1.08 reduces this lead time.
Note that Ver 1.08 firmware also applies to the models listed below:
DVR-A06U(US), DVR-A06, AVD-A106D & DVR-106A(China)

Version: 1.07
DVD-RW Writability Improvement
2X DVD-R Writability Improvement
DVD Playability Improvement

Version: 1.06
4x DVD-R Writability Improvement
2x DVD-RW Playability Improvement
Defect Management (DRT-DM) Improvement

Uploading the firmware via DOS:
If the firmware uploader can not recognise the DVR-A06/106 or fails when run from within Windows after several attempts, the solution in most cases is to boot the system via a Windows 98 or Me floppy into DOS and then run the update program from a DOS prompt. When the uploader runs in windows it creates a folder on C:\DVR106D\Fw106\ there you will find the uploader program UPGDVD.exe and one other file R6100106.xxx. (xxx being the FW revision number). First copy both files to a blank floppy. Then after booting the system into DOS from a Windows 98 or Me floppy remove this and insert the floppy you copied the files to and run the UPGDVD.exe uploader program.
This procedure will only work when the DVR-A06/106 is connected to an IDE port (not when it is external in an IEEE1394 Firewire or USB 2.0 case). It is preferable not to have any other drive daisy chained with the DVR-A06/106 when performing the firmware upload.