What's the diff 3520a and 3520aw>

does anyone know the difference between 3520a and 3520aw? thanks.

the 3520aw has the extra “w” after the a.

lol j/k

nothing it’s just seller stuff nothing different. maybe software?

I believe “AW” is used for white front planels and “AB” for black ones.

The 3520a is firmware revision 1.04.
The 3520aw is firmware revision 3.04.

The difference between the two, the 3520aw can burn -r DL discs.

The drives are identical in every way.
Official firmware version 3.04 added the W to the end of the drive string with the ND-3520A drive.

ah so they come with different f/w

thanks a lot for the explanation. So my drive got the latest FW.

There is an nec nd-3520a on my machine,but it does not work now.
I want to know can i replace it with nd-3520aw,if i do not flash the software.
Thanks a lot!

Others,if i can not use 3520aw,how can i buy nec nd-3520a?
I am in mainland china.