Whats the deal with rebates at Xmas?

I bought lots of high price items at Xmas time that had rebates. Already less than a month being brought the companies are writing saying they didn’t get the rebate info before the closed time it should have been sent in. Every year they offer more rebates but seem to pay less of them. Am I the only one that seem to have loss or late rebate mail going to these companies. Most the rabates were for $30 to $150 only so far has Gateway gave me all my rebate cash. Staples, Circutcity, and HP has all stated TOO LATE. Go figure that. The late mail lady(hee hee) CINDI:)

Tis just a gimmick to get you to buy from them, at normal/higher prices than elsewhere :wink:

Happened to me about 6 months ago on a 120gb WD hard drive from fry’s

They sent me a letter telling me the barcode did not match asked for the corrct one. I had already sent the whole thing to them and never heard back…I have heard that alot of rebates from fry’s are crap anyways.

The best rebates i have gotten are on the ridata from newegg.waiting on three right now

When i get things from Best Buy …they give me all i need to send those rebates in…with each thing on a seperate all ready filled out form…all I have to do is put it in the mail…and send it…they keep up with the exp. date…and circle it for me…i’ve only had problems in the past with ONE and it was HP…grrrrrrr…

I always put the date that I mail my rebates on the rebate slip and Make copies of everything mailed. I had the same problem with Frys on something else, can’t remember what it was. I took the letter and copies to Fry’s and they offered cash or store credit.( also works on ignored rebates at Frys and Office Max)

Good to know.Thanks for the tip. I think im going to make a trip to fry’s tommorow:bigsmile:

Its your stores strange rebate-habits! Mailing in stuff, pfft :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I bought a thing from a friend who knows a friend who work at a place that sells stuff. 40% rebate and no shipping. Thats margin for you :wink: