What's the deal with Plumax?

I haven’t done as much reading in the big external enclosure thread as a I should yet, but I’m under the impression that Plumax is considered to be the best brand for external enclosures on here - and I need one for both a new burner and an external HD. However, Newegg doesn’t seem to be selling any Plumax products…did they go out of business or something?

Grab a few from dealsonic, they are a very good dealer.


More than the brand name (not questioning Plumax) the important is to know the chipsets inside, for each kind of connection.
Plumax seems to use Oxford chipsets for Firewire - 911 for 1394a and 912 for 1394b (firewire 800).
There are at least 2 different 911s, the last being 911c that has a superior performance when compared to 911a.
You have the same about USB 2.0 chipsets
And, the same for e-SATA enclosures.
If promises are real e-SATA should give you the best HDD performance (sustained transfer rate wise), but not from an IDE disk as seen in some of the offered enclosures you can find here:
Sorry for not giving you a direct answer to your question, but I fear this is not a consensus subject.

Just out of curiosity - how come Newegg isn’t selling any Plumax? Isn’t Newegg like, t he most popular, up-to-date tech. dealer around? Perhaps Plumax is old news and there are brands taht have supersceded it…that’s my real concern…