What's the deal on Warranty for Buy.com purchase

I bought a BenQ 1620 drive after reading reviews and experience on the BenQ forum. Bought it from Buy.com and the drive is working great.

Drive came with no documentation, nothing, just the drive. I am wondering about the manufacturer’s warranty, what it is and how long it is. Buy.com offers their own add on warranty but shouldn’t there be a manufacturer’s warranty? Anyone bought from these folks with similar experience.


You should ask Buy.com. I have never bought anything from Buy.com and they do not have a very good reseller rating. Newegg sells the OEM version for $51.00 shipped and they say it has a one year manufacturer warranty. What did you pay at Buy.com if I might ask?

$58 plus tax. If I can’t get the warranty straighten out, I may return and buy from Newegg. Curious about what documentation/software that comes with Newegg version. There is a fairly wide range of prices for this drive and I wonder if you get software with the higher prices?

Newegg’s $51.00 OEM version includes Nero Express and an installation guide. The higher priced ones are for the retail version and they include Nero Suite, some Benq utilities, some blank CD and DVD media, and a pretty box.