What's the deal here?

Seen this page about Elby - Elaborate Bytes:

Elby News

Are they moving? Is SlySoft taking the product up?

Very old news clonecd can now be found here at slysoft website its new owners…

Thanks for the info. Wasn’t old news to me. However, I did know about CloneCD’s availability on the Slysoft site. Glad to hear they are the “new owners”.
I purchased CloneDVD from SlySoft not too long a go. It installed itself in an “Elaborate” folder then.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I’ve read alot of good things about CloneCD and about “features” still to be added so it’s nice to know it has a future.

At the moment that’s the only thing they are: owners, not developers! :frowning:

That’s a bit harsh Namoh! They have shown they are still developong it as V5 beta is out. It’s surprisingly difficult and time consuming to make these products.

Seconded. I rather have excellent and working piece of software with some waiting than hesitatingly builded software with lots of bugs, so keep going the good work SlySoft.

P.S. I just ordered AnyDVD :bigsmile:

Olmari, AnyDVD is awesome in my opinion. I love it.

I know, but in my personal opinion the updates are appearing to slow.

But I have to admit, that I can’t write such a good program.

I think that we all go used to Olli’s skills over the years and are spoiled. :bow: