Whats the current best?

I haven’t been in the loop for a while as far as being able to copy protected pc games. Lately however Im finding my Clonecd ver is having problems burning the latest games. It will get around 4 to 6 percent and just hang. Whats going on?

Is clonecd still the best burning software to use as far as pc games? Is my version good enough?


My suggestion is to update to the latest version of clonecd. If that fails, use the search button to find info on the particular game before asking questions - save you from getting flamed :wink:

Flamed for what? Using Clonecd to make backups of my games? If you had 2 kids who leave your games lying around you’ll know where Im coming from. My Jedi Knight 2 is becoming unplayable because of all the scratches. Im probably one of the few people who actually have the program and buy the games.

I have 4 kids, believe me you are not alone, every game I copy I own

it’s not about getting flamed ,it’s about the thing that the question is already asked a zillion times on the board and we do have this nice search button at the top. This is not being arrogant to not help you personally , it’s about not keeping the same questions over and over and over and over again.

@Samduhman: I’m sorry if I was being unclear on being ‘flamed’ part - it’s just like what Mr.B said - I wasn’t saying you copy games you don’t own or buy, it’s about repetitions, and mods don’t like these. There’s a poll on the ‘Most annoying thing about stereotypical newbies’ in the CdFreaks Living Room, and the use of the search button is one of them. I hope that clears up everything :slight_smile: