What's the correct DMA Mode?


When my pc boots I see a screen which shows my hard drive as UDMA 4, my LiteOn 166 as UDMA 2 and my NEC 2500 as UDMA 2.
Looking at the device manager in Win 2000, I see for all the devices Ultra DMA Mode. Is this the correct transfer mode ?

Yes any dma mode is correct for your optical drives…you just dont want to see pio mode.:wink:

Ok, but looking at the notebook at my office, I see Ultra DMA Mode for the hard drive and Ultra DMA Mode 2 from the DVD, while at home I only have Ultra DMA Mode.
Shouldn’t I see also Ultra DMA Mode x ?

depends on your hardware. optical drives (dvd writers) will say ultra dma 2, 3 or 4. harddrives newer ones usually say ultra dma 33, 66, 100, or 133. also it may just report it as ultra dma. seems right your operating system is just gonna say ultra dma.