What's the big problem with NO-CD executables?

Barring the obvious answer of “they can be used to illegally own software”, why is everybody so freaked out by them?

I’ve noticed that around here, the first mention of NO-CD almost always gets the thread shut down by a mod. In truth, this thread probably will as well.

While there are negative connotations to NO-CD, there are enormous POSITIVE benefits as well. Anybody who owns a laptop or a lot of games can speak to this.

Personally, I have about 15 different games open on my computer right now. (Don’t freak, I own them all legally). I always seek out the NO-CD because I don’t have to switch the stupid cd when I want to play a different game.

Even more so is when I go over to my buddies house w/ my laptop, I don’t need to drag the CD’s with me, I have everything I need on the computer with me. Talk about a reduction in “wear and tear” on the discs.

Anyway, I just want to know why everybody’s toes curl up when somebody mentions NO-CD stuff.

Let’s say i have a game called : The XY

To start this game , i have to pop in the cdrom, it installes a little piece of software on my local drive after i agree not to reverse engineer it. I also agree that i’m not the owner of the software , but merely have a license to use it on my computer.

This game installs an executable called XY.EXE , which is used to start up the game and load the content from harddisk and/or cd-rom.

Now … the no-cd “patch/crack/hack/whatever” that i downloaded , is actually a reverse-engineered executable , derived from that same XY.EXE.

And THAT’s illegal , and thus forbidden on this particular forum.

But lo and behold. There is another solution.

It’s called an image disc ! I can make a virtual drive letter inside my operating system , mount an image of my game-cd and play the game like there is no problem at all. Completely legal as well , because it’s a backup.

Why is a no CD crack bad or illegal?

Is it ILLEGAL to make a backup of ANY Software in the UK?

is it legal??

Let me get this straight…

Hope that answers your question…

Mr. B,

Ahhh…I didn’t think about that aspect of it.

Who the hell reads the whole EULA anyway?


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[B]Mr. B,

Ahhh…I didn’t think about that aspect of it.

Who the hell reads the whole EULA anyway?

Thanks! [/B]


ducks for Philambers fury

I do. I dont like the idea of spyware being slipped into my system. For instance Kazaa(not the lite version). There is legal wording in the eula stating that you willingly accepted the extra garbage, and dont mind.

And we DO NOT CONDONE the use of serials, cracks, or no-cd patches

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ducks for Philambers fury [/B]

You’ve got to be kidding. I know what they’re going to say without reading them anyway.

In any case, no-cd cracks are illegal even if the EULA doesn’t expressly forbid reverse engineering/program modification. A no-cd crack modifies the original literary work (i.e. the program) without the permission of the copyright holder and, accordingly, is illegal unless expressly permitted by the licence.

Needless to say, such permission is never given except in the case of open source software.