WHAT's the BEST WriTing-SPEED? For safety

I have 3540 nec,1.3 Fast-modded firmware.
And Verbatim 16 X .

Burning them at 4X .

A friend of mine told me is not the best to burn them at 4X,
But at 8X .
To me it seems a paradox ,but can that be true?

In that case ,what is the best WRITING speed ,In terms of DATA satety ,

when burning?

Nerocd speed cant see my 3540 ,maybe i need something more?

I waqs always led to believe one should burn discs as slowly as possible - others have suggested that higher speeds are better (read that somewhere in the forum)
My only experience with a bad burn was an audio cd which I did at max and my disc player had problems with it…skipped and hung like hell. I burned it again with the same media on the slowest setting I had - maybe 1x or 2x and it played perfectly.

I personally would burn those 16x discs either at their rated speed, or (preferably) at 12x, but that’s just me.

Oh, and have you downloaded the latest CD-DVD Speed? Maybe that’ll pick up your burner.


run half of what you have 8X

With nowdays media, particularly with high speed rated media, the best option is to burn “around” the certified speed of media. As said Arachne, for 16x media the best option is to burn @12x

If you are really concerned about long term stability, I believe there are some coated discs - gold I think, and no doubt more expensive - that are supposed to be MUCH more stable.
Would anyone care to comment on that?

What do you mean for “coated”? Are you referring to a specific brand of media?

To put better the point .

With 16X support:
If i burn at 4X , is like to burn at 8 (same quality) or Worst ?

That’s the point i don understand.
If i’m mistakin or not.
If i take correctly ,i did wrong and better was to burn at 12X???

----i have dwnloaded nero cd dvd speed,but does’nt see my Nec-,just the "virtual Dvd’s (Alcohol virtual dvd)------

----i have dwnloaded nero cd dvd speed,i have to put winaspi on the same folder to let it work-

Quality scan:

Drive: _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A
Firmware: 1.03
Type:: DVD+R (MCC 004)
speed selected: 8 X

PI errors
MAX: 73
media/average: 17.49
Total: 208325

PI failures
MAX: 10
media/average: 0.25
Totale: 2782

PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scansione statistiche
time for scan: 9:24
Number of samples: 15630
Intervallo scansione medio: 8.01 ECC
Anomalie eliminate: 0

Is it bad ?

at maximum speed scan i got better results ,thats really wierd
(errors 65- 15,29 -180521 and failures 9–0.19 average -2111 total)

@ Geno - probably these - VERBATIM VideoGuard

@ mrvomit - two suggestions

  1. in the top right there is a disc icon in cd/dvd speed. you can save the image and attach it to a message here so we can see it. that would be much more instructive. also scanning at either 5x for more accuracy or 12x for more speed usually are better than 8x

  2. a cd/dvd speed transfer rate test will also tell us how good it is.

in general i never burn at less than the highest speed allowable and it works fine and saves minutes in my life which is a big consideration.

There is no hard “rule” about writing speeds. It entirely depends on a specific media/drive/firmware combination.

Only “quality scans” performed with CDSpeed can tell you which is the best burning speed with your current drive, firmware version and media batch, i.e. the burning speed which gives the lowest PI/PIF error levels.

Nevertheless, as others mentioned, most 16X Verbs will be excellent when burnt @12X.

Burning at very low speeds can actually decrease the burning quality with modern high-speed drives and media.

I have junk 2x media that burn at 4x and get decent quality. You should do 8x for soso quality media and 4x for really crappy ones otherwise they’re not usable.
12x for decent
16x for excellent

Burning good 16x at 4x is a complete waste.
I prefer 12x for such media.

thanks for the advices ,guys.

from what i’ve read burning at speeds like 4x on 16x or 12/8x media is really bad because they are made to be burned at higher speeds so they produce lesser quality burns. not sure if its true or not as i don’t want to burn a disc at 4x to test(way too slow!). i’d go with one at 12x then one at 16x and compare. if they around the same 16 is fine~

My computer doesn’t work well with writing above 8x, and if it swaps memory even 8x is too much. So I’ve burned dozens discs at 4x and 6x, and 8x. (Verbatim +R 16x MCC004).
I can’t notice any difference in quality when scanning. Maybe in a year I know more.

So 4x or 8x makes no difference on these discs for me. I burn backups of documents and important files at 4x, and films at 6x-8x.

I had some Verbatim CDrs that burned horribly at slow speeds though, but that’s another story.

Verbatim (MCC) 16X media is, according to Verbatim, “one size fits all” media. Which means they tried to develop discs that are very tolerant to lower writing speeds. I know that at least MCC03GR20 (-R) can be written at slow speeds without problems in many drives, I don’t know about MCC004 (haven’t tried).

This cannot be extended to non-MCC 16X media, though, and certainly not to all burners even with these Verbs.

While much 16X media seems to be “burnable” at lower speeds, anything below 12X seems to be worse, not better. As to whether more errors are going to cause a problem over time is still up for grabs. I tend to think that more errors will increase over time and cause an earlier death. If you want to reduce risks burn 8X at 8X.

Not with Verbatim 16X -R media, I mean not in all drives. At least my Pioneer 109 and NEC 3540 produce (slightly) better burns @4X than @12X with MCC03 RG20. Discovered this by performing backups with a poorly written software that didn’t even know that discs can be written over 4X :bigsmile: . My Benq 1640 was much better with these @12X, though. My new 1650 hasn’t burnt any 16X MCC yet so I don’t kow.

As to whether more errors are going to cause a problem over time is still up for grabs. I tend to think that more errors will increase over time and cause an earlier death.
And as here we’re talking about differences in error levels with the same MID/batch, there is no room for disagreement between you and me this time… :wink: :flower:

16x rated dvd media should be burnt at high speeds if possible - they were made and optimized for that speeds.
Some (all?) manufacturers have made a correct step (IMO) in their firmwares to not support/allow burning 16x media lower than 4x.
Even some console backuppers will complain now something like “but my console needs dvd’s burned at 1x or 2x”… This is only a myth, many times discussed, resolved by facts and proof. :wink: