What's the best web browser?



I’ve heard of Firefox, but I’ve also heard of My IE2. I’m wondering what any of you guys out there that have tried it out think of it, and if also there are any other IE alternatives?


there isn’t a “best” browser. every one has it’s pro’s and con’s, but some have more pro’s than others… :wink:
the only truth is that a “blank” IE is in fact the worst choice you can make, alternatives as FF or Opera are called more secure, even if they also are not 100% safe.
i’m using FF since v 0.9x and it’s a good browser with nice features. and it’s free.
i don’t know opera myself, 'coz it’s not free (the free version is ad-banner-sponsored)…

i would suggest you give FF a try, learn to use it and search the addons you like to have… this will make the change from IE to something else more easy… :wink:


I only use FF…and have NO complaints just make sure to keep the updates…

Opera - http://www.opera.com
Firefox - http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/
Mozilla - http://www.mozilla.org/


Maxthon is the updated version of MyIE 2 and is a very good add-on for IE. I prefer the combination of IE 6 and Maxthon to the alternatives, but Firefox/Mozilla Suite with the Tabbrowser extension is another great option for those who prefer not to use IE, imo.


Internet Explorer and IE based browsers are still by far the best browser when configured properly.
Those who can’t properly configure IE usually opt for the pre-configured beta browsers.

Of those, my preference would Opera before Firefox.


why, why, why?
what makes IE (based) browser “far the best”?
because they don’t care about web-standards and create their own shit to display?
because activeX is such a great thing that a website can easily control your complete pc?
because you have to configure 40+ settings to (de-)activate some features to make the browser a little more secure?
because there are regular patches from ms?

well, i watch @ my FF, enjoy ad-free surfing because of a 70kb sized plugin, have perfectly managed tab-browsing with another small plugin, have detailed configured java script and not a single popup i don’t want to see, cannot accidently run a d-loaded exe file, just because of clickin run… instead of save and so on…
and this all for a configuration time needed of less than 10 minutes - including the fresh FF install!

but we already had several of this "browser-war-"threads…



When I tried FF I saw it was slower and found it needed to be configured and tweaked, wtf, I want my stuff to work from the getco.

The most potential browser I think is Opera.

I use IE and with my configuration and tweaks, I never had a problem, EVER.
Same goes for my sister, dad, gf and anyone I tweak it for(multiple clientstoo), and believe me, they aint PC saavy and are great beta testers for my tweaks.


Firefox is my browser of choice! :iagree:


I just posted on this in another site a few minutes ago so here is my opinion
I think firefox is better than IE6 but IE7 (beta btw) has now tab-browsing and RSS feeds as well as other things such as phishing filters and a lot more not yet added so who knows…
My only problem with firefox is you still need IE for a few things\sites
But as the title says what is best i think firefox edges it over IE6 for now anyway…


Firefox all the way,

Plugins I have allow me to control almost any media player out there, I have an FTP client built in, If a webpage doesn’t work in FF I can open it in IE with a right click, Popups… What popups? and using the DOM inspector, an enemy of mine, who calls himself an “expert” web designer hs empty frames and broken tags all over his homepage :slight_smile:

Yes it loads slower than IE but who cares if I have to wait an extra 2 seconds for the program to load.


Would someone mind explaining the advantages of FF vs Maxthon/IE2?

Pop-ups have never been a problem for me regardless of browser, I miss the Google Toolbar (auto-fill, etc.) which can’t be used in FF but does work on Maxthon.

Security, privacy??? I have Zone Alarm firewall, so bar any vunerabilities in that, surely it’s a case of browser efficiency, ease of use and privacy? With a decent firewall like ZA, are there any security issues?


You have obviously missed the part about properly configuring IE or like most you don’t know much about configuring IE.

What makes IE the best?
It is the most most compatible browser available for surfing the Internet and it is faster that any other. They are also set the standards used by web designers. If it were not so good then it would not be targeted with exploits so frequently. That is easily addressed by proper configuration which can be done in under three minutes.

And Oh, in case you were not aware of it, pop ups are non-existent in IE with Active Scripting disabled. This is aslo a recommended security setting. The Security Tab holds the key to configurations and it can all be done in under three minutes.


it is not compatible, it is just tolerant to errors!

it just loads faster, 'coz parts of it are already loaded @ windows startup, 'coz it’s part of the OS. and nobody can tell me that he sees differences in rendering-speed - i’m browsing on a 2mbit line @ my office and if i compare FF with IE some sites load “felt” faster on IE, some do on FF.

you don’t ask this really, do you? do i have to explain why it’s targeted so often? it’s not "‘coz it’s soooo good’, it’s just 'coz everyone has it, and the lazy people don’t want to use something else when they already have a product.

sure, but only if you just deactivate everythin, so that it has not more abilities than any alternative.
OR you start using the MS Zones-model, in which you put every single web-site into a defined “zone” - yeh, that’s cool. under 3 minutes? LOL

i know that there are several ways to stop popups. some ppl use e.g. the google toolbar, others deactivate “features” of their browser.
i just use another (IMHO) very good alternative to IE, which blocks popups very, VERY good even without changing a single setting!


Locking down IE 6 is pretty simple. Basically, you restrict the Internet Zone and put sites you want to allow scripting for into the Trusted Zone. You browse the net and when you find a site that doesn’t work the way you would like it to without scripting, you can decide if you feel comfortable enough to put it in the Trusted Zone. If you do, then it’s really easy to add. Key is, YOU get to make the choice and it’s only on sites that YOU decide to visit. Some script doesn’t try to trick you into visiting a site that might infect you with spyware/malware.

Here is some setting information for IE 6 that might help folks looking to configure their browser so it is not as vulnerable:

In terms of Internet Explorer and security, I try to tighten it up while still allowing for core functionality. But I do turn off interactive scripting and a few things in the default Internet Zone to protect from spyware, and malware and stuff like that. Here’s some of the config options I use in the INTERNET ZONE:
ActiveX Controls and Plug-Ins
Download Signed ActiveX controls: Prompt
Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Disable
Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: Disable
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: Enable

File download: Enable
Font download: Disable

Microsoft VM
Java permissions: Disable Java

Access data sources across domains: Disable
Allow META REFRESH: Enable
Display mixed content: Prompt
Don’t prompt for client cert selection when no certs or only one cert exists: Disable
Drag and drop or copy and paste files: Enable
Installation of desktop items: Disable
Launching programs and files in an IFRAME: Prompt
Navigate sub-frames across different domains: Enable
Software channel permissions: High safety
Submit nonencrypted form data: Enable
Userdata persistence: Disable

Active scripting: Disable
Allow paste operations via script: Disable
Scripting of Java applets: Disable

User Authentication
Logon: Anonymous logon

Under PRIVACY SETTINGS, I select ADVANCED and have the following options checked - no others:
Override automatic cookie handling: CHECKED
First-party Cookies: BLOCK
Third-party Cookies: BLOCK

Then under the Web Sites section on that same tab, I add the sites I want to allow, like:
cdfreaks.com = Always Allow
google.com = Always Allow

Under the ADVANCED tab, I will list only those items I have checked or specifically set. If it is not listed below, it is not checked in my config:
Always send URL’s as UTF-8: CHECKED
Close unused folders in History and Favorites: CHECKED
Disable script debugging: CHECKED
Enable folder view for FTP sites: CHECKED
Enable third-party browser extensions: CHECKED
Reuse windows for launching shorcuts: CHECKED
Show friendly HTTP error messages: CHECKED
Underline links: ALWAYS
Use inline AutoComplete: CHECKED

HTTP 1.1 settings

Microsoft VM
JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled: CHECKED

Don’t display online media content in the media bar: CHECKED
Show image download placeholders: CHECKED
Show pictures: CHECKED
Smart image dithering: CHECKED

Search from the Address bar
Do not search from the address bar: CHECKED

Check for publisher’s certificate revocation: CHECKED
Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed: CHECKED
Enable Integrated Windows Authentification: CHECKED
Warn about invalid site certificates: CHECKED
Warn if forms submittal is being redirected: CHECKED

That should about do it for those settings. At least the ones I have on my system that seem to work for me.

That other zone, the Restricted Zone, I pretty much leave alone and just tie Outlook Express 6 to it so that no funny HTML stuff goes on in my email. I also view PLAIN TEXT ONLY in Outlook Express 6 too. That seems to help against those nasty image tricks as well.


One learns till death…
Thanks for the hint… disabled Active Scripting.
Lately I use FireFox, but I am having problems with some sites that leads to changing the browser back to IE. Now with pop-ups blocked with Active Scripting disabled, I am considering turning back to IE for good.


If you disable Active Scripting, make sure you put “*.microsoft.com” in your list of trusted sites. It is required by Windows Update.

There are some sites that may not work properly and sometimes may not work at all with Active Scripting disabled.
Personally I don’t surf sites that require scripting but you can always toggle it on and off as needed, or add the site to your Trusted Sites list or use a beta browser.

That’s the only thing I use beta browsers for, and that’s rare.


I am very surprised to ehar some of these statements from you… feel free to read my comments in red


These “What’s The Best?” threads always seem to go nowhere.

@ groovemeister - Try different browsers yourself, decide what’s best for you, and use it. Don’t be lazy! :iagree:


Both rabid sides of this debate crack me up. I’m not sure who is more irritating… the “I only use FireFox because it’s open source and therefore I can wade through mountains of incomprehensible and flamboyantly baroque code to make sure it’s SAFE” crowd, or perhaps the “IE can be made safe and IT ROXXORZ!” crowd.

It’s like running in the special olympics. No matter who wins… you’re BOTH retarded.


yeah, these threads/debates are tiresome…