What's the best way to store CD albums and DVD movies?



NYC can be very humid. I am considering building a cabinet to store about 2 thousand CDs and about 500 DVD movies. Should I keep them in drawers? Binders (will save space definitely), keep them lined up on a shelf with glass doors (although I don’t think this is the safest way as humidity can creep in)?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.



Most important for me would be the place where you store them.
Not too much light and of course dry.


The DJ style cases seem to be a good compromise between folders and jewel or dvd cases. Doesn’t stress the disks and keeps them in the dark. I’m going to invest in a few myself.

Are you going to build an air-conditioned cabinet? Cool.

Click Here For Example Of DJ Style Case.


Get a device to measure your humidty - or if you don’t already have one. I keep my humidity between 50 ~ 55 MAX. I try not to go below 45-50 to avoid static, and you should be fine. If your relative humidty is over 55 then I recommend you get a de-humidifier. Store them away from sunlight, in a dry location, in their respective jewel cases. Avoid those sleeves.


or keep them in a large fish tank --> http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=178878 :stuck_out_tongue:


So what makes this dj styled case better than a binder? CDs/DVDs still need to slip into a plastic holder which causes the scratches, right?


The actual sleeve isn’t going to damage your disks unless theres dust and crap in there, though I’m sceptical of some of the “gauze” backed folder sleeves. I suppose they are probably better in the case that the sleeve does get a bit polluted.

In a binder full of disks and zipped up, there tends to be some amount of pressure exerted pushing the disks together. When you open certain folder cases it’s even more pronounced towards the spine of the case, and stresses the disks so you have to slightly close the case to remove them comfortably. This is mainly refering to the larger four disk per page folders, and some are better than others for sure. Another problem with them is when they are being filled over time, the disks get a lot of scope for movement if you are using the case a lot.

The DJ case suspends the disks in a file cabinet style, so if kept flat the disks will not be compacted against one another. Theres no flipping through pages. They also look cool as hell, well, I think so.

Actual dvd cases are probably the best storage format, but again there is the problem of the disk flexing as it is removed from the centre holder in the case.


One or two people mention keeping them dry. Make sure they are kept in a cool place. Heat can fatally damage a CD.


lol - So this means placing them in the oven or dryer is out of the question… :wink:


Yeah, you might say that :slight_smile: Okay it might be obvious to us, but maybe not everyone !!


Disk flexing lol… it’s true, but wow… one can get incredibly anal when it comes to this stuff… I guess it does matter though.

How are DVD movie cases with regard to keeping discs from being exposed to humidity and high temperatures?



Movie cases, wow, you’ll need a separate storage building for 2500 discs !!!


What about placing them in thin jewel cases and putting them in those sealable air tight ziplocks? :slight_smile:


Hang On, I just realised, you said ‘NYC can be very humid’. My daughter lived there (Livingston) from last November until April this year. She loved it but said it was the coldest place on earth :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Another tip regarding humidity that may be helpful would be to use a bunch of those little silica-gel packs in your cases or folders. Should be some help against moisture.