What's the best way to flash a retail dw1620?



Hi, I just got my new benq dw 1620 (retail version) and will install it tomorrow. I am a little bit confused on flashing the benq. It appears to me there are two ways of doing it. Either download the firmware from benq and double click on the file that’s been downloaded or download windwflash together with the cvt file and flash, preferably, in safe mode. I understand the latter method is used by those who have the OEM version of the drive but I have the retail version - given this should I just use the file downloaded from Benq’s site and if so should I flash (as is recommended for windwflash) in safe mode.
BTW, I have windows xp pro with service pack 2 installed


Just use the downloaded file from BenQ site since you already have the retail version. Safe mode is OK, but make sure all programs running in the background are turned off (including Internet & antivirus) just to make sure no problems occur during flashing. Btw, make sure you get the B7P9 firmware which is the most recent.


Are there different versions of the B7P9 firmware - if so where can I find the latest (I downloaded from the benq.com site).


B7S9 is the “newest” yet I’d stick with the B7P9 unless the media your burning to just isn’t working that well (high PI errors and PI Failures). There’s only one “version” of each firmware. You may also want to grab Qscan, benq’s media test program - more for checking a discs compatiblity than quality.

Qscan 1.0