Whats the best way to clean CDs?

I have some PS2 games i’m going to sell and i want to clean them up cause they are a little dirty and i’d just like to shine them up a little. Whats the best way to clean the bottom of the CD? Is there a good solution out there to use? I dont want to use something that will render the CD unreadable.

Also, is there any good products to use to remove little scratches? The CDs have a few brushed scratches from usage over the time i’ve had them.

Normaly I use some special cloth to whipe my glasses to clean Discs (Link: http://www.toraysee.jp/e/index.html). It is cloth made from 100% polyester ultra-fine microfiber. For scratches i use the SkipDr but only when the scratches are deep enough to produce errors.

I use isopropylic alcohol and ultra-soft tissues. Cotton balls are fine but leave “hair” on the surface, which is annoying.

Don’t forget to clean radially (from the center to the edge), in straight lines :wink: concentric scratches are much more problematic than radial ones.