What's the best way to burn RICOHJPN01 on 851S

Hello all!
I’ve read a lot of threads here, but I’m a bit confused on burning especially RICOHJPN01 discs. These discs are 4x, but with omnipatching I see that in the 6x and 8x areas the PI’s are lower. So tell me your opinion how to burn these discs:

  1. @4x or @8
  2. What firmware GS0H, GSC2, GS0K
  3. Should I play with omnipatcher - shifting, fixing… etc.

P.S: I’m burning data, so the disc should be 100% readable.

Thanks to all of you!

I’ll answer based on my personal experience

  1. It’s up to you, but they burn fine at 8x (do some testing first, drives and media are different)
  2. GSC2
  3. Yes, you should if you need to
    a) burn at 8x
    b) have the book type set to DVD-ROM

I would highly recommend GS0F for any DVD+R media. RICOHJPNR01 discs burn FLAWLESSLY at 8x using GS0F and RICOHJPNR00 discs even upspeed well to 6x!


GSC2, PI rates of <1 using the OmniPatcher!

GS0F and GSC2 are both excellent choices for Ricoh R01. I had one batch of them that burned about the same with 0F and C2. Another batch that worked better with C2. And another that worked better with 0F. So try them out and use whichever one works best.

well i’ve used a lot of Ricoh 01’s but here’s some scans of 00’s @4x using GSC2

here’s a scan of R00’s @8x. btw, they’re all Ricoh’s under the Arita brand name.

Oh com’on, R00 can do 8x just as well as R01. :slight_smile: Be bold!

Edit: Oops! You posted your 8x R00 just as I was posting this. :o

Hehe. :slight_smile: It’d be interesting to see how R00 does at 8x using the R01 or R02 strats. I take it that this 8x burn was done with the R00 strat?

and here’s an R01 by Memorex @4x. generally i’ve found that the burn quality at 4x is much higher than any burns done at 8x. usually it’s low to mid 90’s for 4x and mid 70’s for an 8x burn. just look at the quality score on the files.

hey code, while you’re on, do you notice the series of high PI’s and PO’s in the first quarter? the R01’s sometimes do that, and the R00’s do that when burning at 8x. i don’t know what’s up what that. but i guess it’s low enough to disregard.

Beats me. :confused: The edges don’t look sharp enough for them to be associated with shifting to new write strategies…

oh ok, must be one of those deals w/ different batches. you were right though, the R00’s are better quality IMHO than the R01’s.

Well, thanks to all of you.
But, I’ve seen some very nice scans using GSC2… and at the same time the disc gives errors while reading with Nero CDSpeed. Is there some illusion that the GSC2 burned discs gives great results?

Hey guys thanks for the help. I’ll stick to GS0K. It seems that GS0K is great firmware. Below are the scans of Traxdata DVD+R 4x RICOHJPN01 burned at 4x.

Whatever works better for you :slight_smile:
As a side note. Looks like you need to set the autoscale for PIs. Or upgrade Kprobe to 2.x