Whats the best way to burn a dvd movie for my in home dvd player?

I decided to start a new thread.Im using nero 6.6 software and just got it came with my new dvd burner.I would like to burn some dvd movies to watch on my home dvd/entertainment center.when I burned my first dvd it worked fine on my pc.But didnt work on my regular home dvd player.I think i used .avi files.And it didnt work.
I talked to a friend that is currently using .bin files and he said they work.But I get confused using bin/cue files.I think here somewhere in a forum it said use Isobuster.We downloaded it and have experimented with it a little with no success.Im wondering whats the best way to burn a dvd movie for my in home dvd player. .If you could include burning speed,quality picture,and sound that would help with this too.

Only newish dvd standalones can play avi and similar files without transcoding into VCD/SVCD/DVD formats before.

www.videohelp.com is your friend.

If you’re burning backups, may I suggest something like AnyDVD with DVDShrink or DVD Decrypter…or there is DVDFab Decrypter.

Just use quality media :wink:

Some thoughts for you! Not sure about how you’d go about doing stuff with existing .avi etc files, sorry!