What's the best valued dvd+r media for 3500a?

for a media that supports speeds ranging from 2x-8x? ricoh or ritek? i’m going to buy a spindle at newegg!

RICOHJPNR01 or RICOHJPNR02 discs. Best price / performance ratio DVD+R media for the NEC ND-3500A (and most other drives).

Prodisc R03 8x also good for NEC 3500a.

I get very low error rates with Verbatim MCC002 +R media. Although it can be burned only at 4x speed, if you seek for quality rather than speed only, it is a good choice. Have look at this post
You can find some scans I made with MCC002 and stock 2.16 NEC 3500 firmware.



RICOHJPNR02 = media code = Ricoh R02 (short version often used in forums like this)

If your shopping from newegg get the Fuji 8x +R’s there YUDEN002’s, burn @16x with excellent results!
I bought a 100 pack few weeks ago from there.
Or if your from the US go to best buy and buy Fuji’s

I use RICOH JPN R00 at 8X RICOH R also at 8X, 12X still isn’t super :stuck_out_tongue: and RICOH JPN R02 at 12X is awesome. Then YUDEN000T02 at 12X because I find that it often lowers speed and gets to cav 13 and is slower then 12X :p.


I experienced some really bad burns with the Prodisc 8x +R’s (R03) with both of my 3500’s-

Would STRONGLY advise using other media such as Taiyo Yuden 8x in either - or + R’s - they are giving me great burns - you can get them for $.60 or less from www.rima.com for the “A” grade discs-


i tested verbatim,ricoh,CMC and the cheap Kingpro.all with very good quali.

I just ordered a 50 pack of TY from rima. The code is TYG02. I burned one data disc as a test. Just as reported on the review on cdrinfo.com my burn took 6m30s. Use Nero CD Drivespeed to run some tests, no problems were uncovered.

Now can’t wait for the 16x media to drop in price a bit.

Should’ve gone into more detail, sorry. I’ve only had a burner for a fshort time, so I’m trying to get up to speed on all the abbreviations, and which really makes which branded media etc.

I see a lot of people referring to Ritek R02, what I meant to ask was, when people refer to R02 Ritek, is this really the Ricoh Japan 02 people are talking about there (i.e. is it Ritek-branded Ricoh media?)

I’ve gone through the media forum including the stickies, but unfortunately could find anything with all the translations :o Some I’ve found easy to pickup (e.g. the TY codes), others seem a bit ambiguous.