Whats the best software to use for burning dual-layer discs?



I just bought some dual-layer recordable Verbatim discs. I have a large image file that I would like to burn using Nero but apparently the version I have (Nero 5.5.10) does not support dual-layer burning. :frowning:

So my question is: Does version 6 support dual-layer media? I’m currently strapped for cash, so if anyone can recommend any freeware, I would much prefer that option as to paying for an upgrade (nero). Thanks.

And yes before anyone asks… my NEC is indeed capable of burning DL DVDs.


I suggest to use ImgBurn. Currently it’s one of the best softwares to handle DL discs.

However, I’m not sure that nero 5 can be used with DVD burners. If I’m not wrong, only starting from version 6 DVD burners are supported in nero.


Wow. What is a dual layer disc. and what kind of image file is almost 5 gb?

I must be a bigger noob than I thought


Thanks for the quick response Geno888 - I will give ImgBurn a try later today.

As for version 5 handing DVDs - I can verify that it does support single layer DVDs. Been using it for the past several months without any problems now. The reason why I bought DL discs today is because I have a large True Image file (almost 5 GB) that will not fit on a single layer disc.


Single layer = 4.7 GB capacity
Dual layer = 8.5 GB capacity

It’s an image file - see my response to Geno888 above. :bigsmile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:



I just installed the latest version of ImgBurn and unfortunately I don’t think this is going to work. Apparently the native formats for ImgBurn include .ISO/ .BIN/ .NRG etc… does not include True Image backups (*.TIB). If anyone else has some other suggestions, I would like to know if there’s another freeware capable of burning DL discs.


There are two ways:

  1. Using Acronis true image to do the burn, or
  2. Using Imgburn in “build mode” first to create an ISO file, and then burn the ISO with Imgburn.

I suggest to use Imgburn to create an ISO file because in this way it will calculate the correct point in which place the layer break (i.e. the transition between layers on the disc).


use nero 6 and above. It burns dl disks without problems!


You can always mount the True Image image & in Build mode, having first switch the output mode to the burner rather than an ISO image, create your compilation from the contents of the TI mounted file & then burn.