Whats the best software to remove adverts from recordings?



I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to burning and editing video files, basically i want to record from the television onto my dvd recorder and then burn the recording onto a disc.

I convert my dvd dics using DVD Decrypter then DVD Shrink and burn with Nero essentials, all i want to do is to be able to edit out adverts and get a nice end product. Any help would be appreciated.


Take a look at the Womble mpeg editing tools or one of the programs from VideoRedo.


I believe that Pinnacle and Ulead Studio softwares (current versions), also can do this.


The last couple of TV shows I burned I didn’t bother editing out the commercials. I authored using GUI for DVD Author and merely set the chapter points at the end of each commercial break. This allows me to simply hit the ‘Next’ button on the remote and thus skip the commercials. It’s a good bit quicker than setting in and out points, cutting and rendering again.


If you have DVD files I would second [B][I]Kerry56 [/I][/B]suggestion, otherwise [B][I]olyteddy[/I][/B] has a point. Only problem there is that commercials, these days, take more then 50% of your video.