What's the best software to burn DVDs?

Whats the best software to burn dvds?

I got 1 click dvd pro and burnt at 4x.The discs play perfect on everthing ive played them on :bow: .I did a scan and heres the results

are the results good?(i was using the ones which are fake)

I have been pretty faithful to 1 Click myself, they do a nice job. I tested out Xcopy9 which as I just found out is the old team from 321, i got a big discount too. BLING40 gets you 40% off. not sure how long it will last, but what the heck.
I have also had very good luck burning with 123 copy and cloner 2. just so much out there to try out and have fun with.

The best software is the combo of clonedvd2 and anydvd In my opinion. There are other programs-You should do a search of this forum! Good luck .

Everybodies opinion is different do a trial on different kinds and go with the one you liked the best.

Yeah, i agree Dr. Who. Everyone has their own preferences. Many of the programs that you can run into dont have all of the fun little options that i prefer. They are simple 1 click copy solutions. You really should do a search on this forum and google it. Most of the top softwares if they are any good will let you have a trial version. And most are fully functional. I would suggest using a “hard to copy dvd” one that is longer and has alot of action, and running it on each program and then doing a side by side analysis on a standalone dvd player. Have fun and good luck

I like this combo. And Shrink by itself, for older titles in my collection.

As stated though, everyone has a preference…you’ll just have to try some out, see what you like best :slight_smile:

clonedvd and 1-click dvd still don’t have what dvd shrik has which authoring tool which would allow fine adjust of main movie before copying. CloneDVD does have something similar but you can only chop off by chapter or by 17 sec at the minimum.

Is there such software which would allow fine authoring?

dvdshrink 1/2 second

I can’t argue with any of this, especially with so many great programs to choose from,options just get better everyday. Here’s a thought, maybe we should get some of these DVD developers to help out the guys designing autos, probably make gas obsolete in a month or two.

Main one anydvd and clonedvd2 but if a film needs alot of compression I use dvd-rebuilder pro with cce basic / procoder 2 then nero to burn.