What's the best slim notebook burner for you?


I’ve got this problem in my drive (see this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1606887#post1606887) and because of it I’m wondering to buy a new DVD burner with double layer burning for my notebook.

I live in Portugal and it´s very dificult to find DVD burner’s for notebook’s. Even thought I managed to find those one’s (everyone double layer and slim internal for notebook):

What do you think about those?
I like the NEC ND-6750 (because of the price and the spec’s), but is any good? The other’s are good too or not?
What do I have to know to find if my laptop can handle with the drive, or better no problems or errors in burnig DVD’s? (I´ve got a BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD 3A27, 11-06-2004)

If those aren’t good witch is the best burner (all formats and double layer) for notebook (slim bay) for you?

Thank’s in advance

NEC NEC NEC! I think that’s the best you can get. Samsung is utter crap … from what i’ve heard and not very popular for slim. Had experiences with LiteOn, QSI and Phillips slim drives and they’ve all been worse than the desktop model - so don’t expect burn quality or speed. I’ve heard a lot of good things about NEC’s … nothing good about samsung and some good about pioneer. That’s all i can say really. Newer might be better … I’m not sure.

I am also looking to replace my notebook’s burner. I have my eye on the NEC ND-7551. Anyone know where I can purchase it in North America, specifically Canada.

Well…guess I´m gonna find out.
Just picked up and installed an NEC ND 7550A in this Vaio.
Err…I´m in Germany but that´s not any help to you Starchild :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Thanks for the consideration, deanimator.

:confused: I think the ND-7551 is discontinued, and its replacement is the AD-7543A. They seem to be exactly the same. Here are the AD-7543A specifications. Can anyone shed some light on this?

I could not wait.
I purchased a [B]Pioneer DVR-K16[/B]. It has the same specifications as the NECs with faster access times and without the LabelFlash (I don’t know how useful LabelFlash will be living in Canada anyway). With exams coming up, hopefully I’ll have time to write a review when it arrives. I’ll keep you informed.

:frowning: They’re out of stock … back to the drawing board.