What's the best router to use?

I saw a beautiful router called linksys but I don’t know the model anymore.
But what router is good to use and also to use with the msn messenger protocol?

II guess you are aiming at a hardware router?

I think ANY router will work with MSN Messenger , since that’s just another UDP or IP port.

The LinkSys’s are also sold on Amazon… they got WiFi’s and normal ones.

I bought a 4 port “Allied Telesyn” AR220E. Never heard of them before, but it’s simple, and it works. But I’m starting to wish I got an 8 port one…half my computers have to go through a 10mbps hub and only 3 get 100mbps. And for P2P and that sort of thing, it has an option to open all ports on one network IP (I don’t use it for too long, granted). Easy to use configuration via web browser - but I suppose they all have that. For some reason I think of Linksys as a cheapo brand, but I know they make a lot of networking stuff. 3com is a company I trust, I don’t know if Intel makes routers but their NICs are nice

Well i am very happy with my Belkin ‘F5D5230U4’ :slight_smile: at the moment - looks a bit odd though :eek:

"Ideal for sharing a broadband Internet connection with multiple users as well as building your 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network, the Router connects to your Cable or DSL modem and your computers. It sets up easily using the breakthrough Belkin SOHO Networking software, so you can begin sharing Internet access, files, printers, drives and more. The Router also provides NAT firewall security from the Internet, which locks would-be hackers from your home or office network. The Belkin 4-port Cable/DSL Gateway Router is the best solution for sharing a broadband Internet connection with multiple users. It allows you to build your 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network for sharing files and peripherals such as hard drives, printers, CD-ROMs, DVDs and more. With its added NAT firewall, the Router protects your network from outside intrusions.

Compatability of this product should be checked with your provider prior to purchase"

Coolest looking router I’ve ever seen. Mine is just a square, beige box.