What's the best remedy for a severe sunburn?



We’ve had the first two days of “summer” in the Netherlands. And I’ve been outside the whole weekend, now my head looks like a fried tomato. Parts of my body are as red as a firetruck. So my question is quite obvious: “What’s the best remedy for a severe sunburn?” :wink:


calamine lotion and lots of beer.


Not sure where you are located but Aloe Vera which can be found in most health food stores in the US Is excellent for burns. I had a friend that had 3rd degree burns from an accident. He went to the hospital which gave him some type of burn cream. My mother told him not to use it and fixed him up with some aloe straight from the plant and when he went back to the doctor he was amazed at how fast his burn had healed. My friend told him what he had used and he discounted it as a “Old wives tale”. (This was back in the seventies). Aloe has since become a remedy for many things.


Silver silvadene…its a prescription…
or if ya on a budget…is sounds stupid but it works…

Preparation H…it takes the heat out of it


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Aloe Vera. Amazing stuff if you can get it.


SolarCane (or however it is spelled!) rocks! I had a massively bad sunburned back the one year and I sprayed that on my back and it cleared itself up in the next day or two. I’d definitely recommend it. :slight_smile:


A bunch of us went to the beach and got severely burned.

We sat around in a room half naked, wearing hospital scrubs (lightest material we had).

Everyone was either hunched over as not to lean on anything or placed only the bottom of their spine against a post.

Noxema, solarcane, nothing worked.

The girls were applying Clinique moisturizer.

They then made their way around the room and applied it to all of us.

The girls were angels.

This stuf was a godsend.

The pain, heat and dryness immediately disappeared.

I later found that Clinique has a men’s line inshich the moisturizer is called M-Lotion.


the best remedy is to get slapped on the most burned spot hehehe


i’ve used this a few times too, it’s good. it contains an anasthetic to numb the pain for a while, as well as moisturising and antibacterial stuff to speed up the healing. i find it’s a good idea to gradually increase your sun exposure once summer comes around, to let your skin adapt to the increased UV rays. eg. 10 minutes the first day, 20 minutes the next, then 30, and so on. because sunburn is NOT fun :frowning:


But you always laugh to yourself when you see someone sunburnt, saying ‘glad thats not me’ hehehe


you may smell like a salad but you will stop the pain if you use vinegar… when i was in saudi in 91 and got sent with advance party to setup a new camp i fell asleep outside for about 1hr without my shirt on… that is the most pain i have ever felt. i walked around all night because i couldn’t lay down and while walking around i happened by the mess. the cook gave me a rag and a vinegar bottle and within 1/2 hour i could lay down and go to sleep.


Thanks all!

At this moment the first chips of skin are coming off, damn it’s painful! I’ve searched shops in the Netherlands to buy the “Solarcaine” stuff, but it can’t be obtained here. To bad because any substance that ends with “…caine” is usually very potent stuff… The most pain is already gone with the help of a product containing aloe vera. De first days were hell and anyone who had the guts to touch it will surely die when I’m recovered! :wink:


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