What's The Best *Reader*?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I can’t find any reviews on readers, jusr burners. I want the best reader that handles less than perfect pressed DL discs, scratched, abused, etc.

Reading speed is important but not at the loss of quality or error correcting!



LiteOn does the job for me with not-so-well kept discs, or discs that have deteriorated (cough Ritek G05). :iagree:

Until now, my personal experience with liteon readers is really poor :frowning:

I strongly suggest to avoid particularly the 16P9S: this drive is not able to read brand new discs :a

Sorry to hear that, Geno :(…my LiteOns, from the LDW-851 up to the 165P6S, have all been excellent readers.

Burners are better reader than DVD-ROM drives.

Right now I’m temped by this drive, but Hulk is still growling :frowning:

LiteOns, especially the older ones.

I can say that my Liteon 160P6S is no better, no worse than any of my other burners, so maybe the ‘great reading’ of Liteons was more a trend of their older drives and the new ones are merely on par with other current drives. Having said that, most current burners perform pretty well when it comes to reading ability. I have one drive that easily performs all others but it’s a 4x drive and you’ll never find it. I would also be interested in knowing if there’s a current burner out there that truly excels at reading poor discs. A good test would be to try ripping a damaged disc with DVD Decrypter and see at what point a given drive will encounter read errors.

Liteon is pretty good, but it depends a bit on the model. My NEC 3500 is awfull, my NEC 4551 is awesome :wink:

But if you go for the best, look for a LG4163, it seems to be the very best for damaged media.

Wow, my 4163B is really picky, hehe. :slight_smile:

The first Aopen 1648AAP dvd-rom drives are also good readers, but the later drives of the same type seem to be less good.

My LiteOn DVD burners are my best readers, and my BenQ DW1655 is just as good for a majority of discs, but for some (few) DVDs the BenQ 1655 is the only desktop drive I have that can’t read everything on those discs (tested on both my BenQ 165 drives), so I can’t really say that the BenQ 1655 i general is a good reader.

My Optiarc 7173 is not as good as the LiteOns, and my NEC 3550, NEC 4551, Pioneer 111 and Plextor 712 are all inferior readers compared to the LiteOns. At least for burned DVDs this is the way it is for my drives.

Just show this to your Hulk wallet and he’ll be too busy to worry about you spending money on optical drives. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

All new DVD drives are just about the same. Some of them can’t even read pressed CD. Old SCSI CD burner is very good at reading CDs even those reading at 4x

With my (limited) experience, I have found the opposite to be true. My NEC 3550 and new Asus 1608P3S have trouble with damaged disks while my DVD-ROM drives, A Sammy SD-616-E and my Lite-on SOHD 167T were able to read a scuffed DL pressed movie while the burners choked in Shrink at 92% every time.

Is my Lite-on considered “older”? What model lite-on’s are the best?



oops, sorry for mistake, I forgot to mention that I was referring to liteon drives, and I mean that liteon burners are better reader than liteon dvd-rom drives. At least this is my experience. I have a liteon 811 that was able to read a disc that noone of my drives was able to read.

But the worst drive I ever had is the liteon 16P9S: it failed also with brand new discs :frowning:

:iagree: My Lite-on SOHD 167T is the best reader I have found for damaged media. I keep it around in an external enclosure just for situations where my burners fail.

I’ll do the same, then :slight_smile:



My Liteon LTD-165H is a pretty good reader, although it fails on me the last weeks. I think it’s worn out. But then there are some discs that even the Liteon doesn’t read. But the Teac Combo in our previous, now broken, BenQ laptop read everything you put in it, nearly including cardboard coasters :smiley: It’s really amazing what’s readable by this drive!

Continuing the burner story: I’ve just succesfully crossflashed a new Philips DW1650 to BenQ DW1650. Discs burned in this drive read mediocre in my NEC ND4551 (which is not too picky and reads almost everything): the TRT graph in CD DVD-Speed is really ugly. The same disc scanned in the Philips/BenQ gives an almost perfect graph.

The Liteon burners I had in the past (411S@811S, 451S@832S and a 1613S@1653S in an external enclosure at my work) all aren’t very good readers.

So, besides a good reputation, it also seems to depend on luck to get a good reader.

I have a scuffed up disc so I ran a TRT in my Benq 1640, Liteon 160P6S, and my Toshiba (my best reader of damaged discs). While I don’t pretend that this is an exhaustive test by any means, only my Liteon actually failed the TRT. I was suprised as although I don’t consider it to be a great reader, I didn’t think it would fail as it has performed about the same as the 1640 when reading damaged discs. More suprising is that the 1640 actually fared just as well as my best reader with this disc, as the Toshiba has been the only drive to fully read a number of damaged discs.

TRT from Benq, Liteon, Toshiba: