What's the best quality DVD burner

I have a lot of video that I would like to transfer to DVD. Other than the retail DVD recorders, is there a better recording quality than what retail stores have to offer?
Also, does anybody know how long a recorded dvd will last, assuming you don’t use it as a frisbee.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, The quality of video conversion is mainly depend to the type good quality of media you are using for burning and good brand name of DVD burner. If your videos are in VHS format then it would be wise able to buy stand alone VHS/DVD Recorder Combo and use good media to burn and convert you VHS files to DVD format.

Known Good media types are Taiyo Yuden & Mitsubishi/Verbatim (not manufactured by/in Moser Baer/India). Good quality media will last a very long time, or at least until the next big storage format comes along.

Other media can be an unknown, it may be good, it may be bad … and it can be a gamble whether any particular media/batch is good quality or bad. It can start great & a few months later disintegrate.

Media to avoid -> Princo, AN31, AN32, Gigastorage, Ritek.

For more info, check out the media forum.