What's the best ps2 copying software?

i read on afterdawn about CloneDVD and Alcohol both copying ps2 games.
does it make a difference which one i use?
will they both be perfect copies?
will one bypass protections on some games while the other fails? (and vice-versa)
i just bought a PS2, and can’t let my cousins touch my new time crisis 3!

Use DVDDecrypter to make an ISO image of the game you wish to copy.

Afterwards use ImgBurn to write said file to blank DVD-R media.

Both utilities are free and are very highly recommended.

Even though copying PS2 games is simple, you need a modchip or swap disk in order to play them.

I use SwapMagic v3 for my Slim ps2 (along with the Slim Tool) I use DVDDecrypter to write ISO and Burn. I know allot about this subject cause I mod consoles for other people for some cash. I have a job at… well a video game company in Dallas, Texas. Not saying the name.

Can i add to this question, what application is best for copying PSX games and PS2 CDs games?

As both Alcohol and CloneCD are producing playback problems for me. And CDrwin seems to not work for me too.

I have read blindwrite is not good for console games

So which application do i use. I have a mod chip. And DVDDecypter works perfect for PS2 DVD’s. Its just CD’s i am having problems with.


For PSX games I use GamesXCopy and Alcohol 120. GamesXCopy also copys PS2 games.

Alcohol 120%

Both alcohol and CloneCD can successfully copy any psx or ps2 cd with suitable hardware. If you’re having playback problems, it’s probably a media issue.

Try using better quality cdrs and read and write a low speeds for best results.

so, alcohol for cd-r’s, and dvdDecrypter for DVD-r’s ?
or will decrypter do cd’s too ?