What's The Best Program To Extract and encode CD audio to MP3?

what’s the best program to rip mp3? i use audiocatalyst and altomp3 maker but i get too much speed errors… help me ps: i have a liteon 32x writer… :frowning:

I prefer using EAC to extract and then compress automatically with LAME, that way it makes all the ID3 tags on its own.
256kbps constant bit rate is supposed to be indistinguishable from cd-quality sound, while variable bit rate is a good bet for slightly smaller file sizes with a minimal loss of quality.
LAME is a command line program, so if you aren’t gonna use it with EAC as a plugin, you’ll need the RazorLAME frontend. A link is on r3mix.


http://www.r3mix.net has some good reading on this subject

I believe Cakewalks PYRO MP3 CD Maker is a good one, I have been using it for awhile now,…

Personally I use Audio Catalyst or CDex.

Don’t know too much about Audio Catalyst and how it works, but it supports VBP and CBR ripping and auto access to CD DB etc.

CDex is based around the LAME dll and supports VBR as well as CBR recording.

My vote goes to EAC with LAME. Works fine for me.