Whats the Best Program/Place to get DIVX from?

Hey there wat is the best way to get DIVX???

What do you mean by that?

Do you mean how to best rip DVD to Divx, for that you can use the search and get pointed to the sites where the tutorials are found (you are not new here, you know the drill :wink: )

If you mean where to download Divx…you should know the answer to that too. You know that no ftp’s are allowed to be listed here and sites to start your search in the FXP scene have also been mentioned before…

yeah sorry. i am off key latley i have been workin late so my mind is screwed. I meant a DIVX movie a DVD RIP that someone has done and uploaded
how do i get into this FXP thing>>>??<<<
i saw ur other posts but they point to a broken web site

This site is in Dutch, but contains a few FXP links I am sure you can make out:

Or try a search on ‘FXP’ with Google, who knows what might turn up.