What's the best program for DVD to VCD?



What is considered to be the best DVD to VCD/SVCD program currently available? There has to be hundreds of these programs now available.

The answer to this question is subjective, so please explain why one program is better than another. Faster, better compression, slower but better resolution, blah blah.

I have DVD-Copy-One and Nero. Haven’t used either, trying to get me POS DVD player to work every now and then.

I am assuming that programs with the most cracks are either more popular, or have been around longer.

WOW! My first stupid newbie post. Yeeehaaa!

PS: I’m new to this forum, but not forums in general. I tried using search before posting my stupid question, but didn’t find any stupid threads to follow.


I refined my search and did get a bunch of threads to follow, but still do not have an answer to my question.

Trust me, I’m not stupid. Just donated too many of my brain cells when I was younger!:a


i think dvd2svcd is a cool proggy and with chickenmans tutorials you cant go wrong. I followed the tuts. and made perfect backups of my dvd’s


Chickenmans guides are great, but seem a little dated. Aren’t most of the programs available now a program with a single click?

Following the guide for DVD to SVCD, how long does the whole process take, and how many CDR’s are typically needed for one DVD?


Depends on what program you use to encode, CCE will give you the best quality and speed. ~8 hours for 5 pass if you have a decent comp. DVD2SVCD should complete in about that amount of time. For a good quality rip of a dvd movie to svcd it usually takes 2 to 3 discs, for movies like LOTR and Harry Potter, 4 CDs. Also check out http://www.doom9.org for many good DVD/SVCD/VCD/DivX tutorials.



I think moviejack can handle that.


Just buy a DVD writer then. It is crazy to wait 8 hours for it to finish, plus, you make your CPU work at 100% making any other task like a web browsing a pain.