Whats the best prog to print on CD/DVD's?



I currently using one that came with my InkJet printer, its lacking a lot of features, someone can suggest me like top 5 cd/dvd printing progs so i can chose one that good for me?


Have you tried Nero’s Cover Designer?


If you have the Epson CD/DVD printer, it comes with Epson Print CD. You can use your own photo’s or artwork with it. You can also scan in your CD or DVD disc under TWAIN as well.


i like Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker


Epson Print CD.

i like Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

I use both of these & am very satisfied with each. Acoustica has a nice trial period to allow you to get familiar with the program to see if you like it.

regards, katzz :slight_smile:


SureThing is a good one if you are looking for free packages.


I do all the work in my favorite image editor and then there’s just two clicks left in the printer app: 1. Import & 2. Print :slight_smile: