Whats the best prog for translating Avi files into DVD

Whats the best prog for transcoding avi files into DVD. Something for the completly ignorant - just button pushes? Thanks

Well, DVD2SVCD (It does AVI2DVD/SVCD also) But it requires TMPEngc encoder(which i dont like using in it) or Getting Cinema Craft 2.5 Encoder (the best way to go)

So get DVD2SVCD and startout there…

DVD2SVCD with CCE makes supurb mpeg2 files from avi’s but can a bit daunting at the start. But in reality its just a couple of clicks needed once setup. See the Tutorial section for a Guide.

TheFilmMachine automates avi to dvd using CCE but has a few issues. :frowning:

Cucosoft is also simple to use but its output quailty is utter crap. :frowning:

Nero is also simple to use but again, its quality of output sucs big time IMHO. :frowning:

Well, “avi-files” (most likely MPEG-4) aren’t that great as source to start with so I’d say that you overrate CCE quite a bit. As long as the scaling is done correctly the difference isn’t that great between the average encoder such as Ahead’s and CCE.

Sorry, totally disagree. Maybe you havent tried them all or most on converting the same AVI. If you havent, then I would suggest you try them out.

I use Canopus Procoder to encode to mpeg2 then Sonic scenarist to author.

Try Mainconcept MPEG Encoder, i love it.
Also Winavi is very, very quick but lacks quality of others, but it’s still ok try it.

Quality = CCE + DVD2SVCD. It’s very…very far from others (and i tried some of them :wink: ) Easy interface and good encoding times even on VBR… (thanks to ChickenMan for the superb Tutorial :slight_smile: ) OK OK you might have some questions when start to encode but overall is very easy.

TMQGenc is not as good as CCE but it’s near. It has a big disadvantage = a lot of time spent on encoding :frowning: Don’t like it’s interface. Some dubious options… :confused:

Nerovision = Quickly but the worst of all on normal movies. However on Animated Movies (the old one of Ducktales for example) it does a good job.

I believe there will be a new version of TheFilmMachine out soon. The latest release fixes most of the previous issues I had with it. Use CCE or Procoder as the encoder and auto converts the audio to AC3 for best compatability. Check it out at http://members.home.nl/thefilmmachine/ It would have to be the simplest 2-3 click avi to dvdr converter and does it with quality and speed.